Cyclonic Ceramic Room Heater

Cyclonic Ceramic Room Heater
From Lasko

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Customer Reviews

Love these heaters!5
Bought this one with remote and two of the same with no remote. This one heats a 300 sq ft kitchen and the other two heat a 550 sq ft living room. All rooms have 10 ft ceilings. We decided not to replace our central heat and use space heaters since it rarely gets below freezing here in SE TExas. These work great. We put in front of the large windows- they can be put right up against a wall. Set the thermostat at about 68 and quickly takes the chill out of the air. I am very happy with these. I am going to buy one for every room in our house. Very cost effective heaters with the digital thermostat and auto feature. Buy.com has them for 79.99 with free shipping.
It really works!5
I bought this heater to try to warm up an addition on our home. We've lived here 12 years, and every winter, we've frozen in the den. It's built on a crawl space, and new insulation, windows, and roof haven't helped. Needless to say, I've tried several heaters. Just got the Lasko this week, and it's the first one we've tried that heats the entire room. We're actually at 69 to 70 degrees. Also, it's quiet and the back of the unit stays very cool, so it can be placed right up against a wall. I am loving this heater!

Pleasantly Surprised4
I just bought this last night at a local home-improvement store (for less than a new one here). I got an extended warranty on it. I plugged it in, turned it on, it started pumping out heat right away! In less than 10 minutes, it heated up my 11x10 living room from 63 degrees to 73 degrees. I am very impressed with this guy, the unit does not feel hot to the touch, it does what it says, and I really like the remote it comes with. FOUR STARS!

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