Mr. Heater MH12T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater

Mr. Heater MH12T Single Tank-Top Propane Heater
From Mr. Heater

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Product Description
Mr. Heater single tank-top propane heater directly to a propane tank mounted 20 pounds and requires no electricity. Use the manual ignition, and reaches its maximum heat output within seconds just as a matter of strong durable material. This has a safety lock that allows for easy installation.

Customer Reviews

Well made, durable, reliable. Like a Zippo!5
I got a Mr. Heater Single unit about 8 years ago as a backup source of heat after hurricane Hugo knocked out our power for three weeks. It is still working fine and has come in real handy during infrequent ice storms and winter power failures.
My dad liked my single a lot so he bought a Mr. Heater Double to heat a big 3 car garage sized shop. He liked it but now thinks that a single would have worked fine as the double gets that big area heated in no time and keeps it really toasty.
My single unit works far better than gas logs to heat up a room. It does make a hissing sound that is not too loud but barely audible. A single will knock the chill off a large room in no time. A tank of propane will last about 30 to 36 continuous hours if you keep it set on low. I think this is a great alternative to other auxilary heat sources like Kerosuns or a fireplace. With an asthmatic child in our family, a kerosene heater is out of the question for us. This burns clean, creates no odor, smoke or soot. There's no maintenance, no wicks or anything like that. You can store it indefinitely untouched and then pull it out and fire it up with no preparation. I will buy another one if mine ever wears out.
I have recommended Mr. Heater to lots of my friends and family and have no reservation about recommending one to you. If you can't decide whether you need a single, double or triple I suggest trying the single first. Then if you aren't happy step up to the double or triple. It is really amazing how much heat a Mr. Heater Single generates!
It is rare to find a really good product that is durable and an excellent value. Mr. Heater is one of those rare finds. They are the Zippo lighter of auxillary space heaters in my opinion.

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