What's The Best Type of Space Heater For Your Home

What's The Best Type of Space Heater For Your Home
Published By: Stacey Heaton
Everyone can find the sort of space heater which they want. Space heaters use either electricity or fuel and any one type has its own benefits. Because you can find a wall outlet almost anywhere, electric space heaters are the most popular form of portable space heater. This type can also be very efficient in how they transform electricity into heat.

There are several different kinds of electric space heaters, convection, radiant, both come with or without a fan. When you'd like to heat an entire room, convection is the best option. A convection heater with a fan moves the warm air up and out. You can get a large one that is movable to heat up a substantial garage or workroom. A disadvantage of electric heaters used to be that they would get very hot. Now the newer models stay cool and are safe for kids and pets.

Assuming you have a smaller work area, a radiant heater might be what you need. Many times you'll see a small radiant space heater under a desk in the office. There are different kinds of radiant heaters. Infrared heaters use quartz tubes, ceramic heaters use ceramic cores and there are oil filled heaters.

Oil filled heaters have become affordable. There's a special thermal oil sealed inside. It is not used up so it never needs to be replaced or refilled. The heating element heats up the oil which runs through the radiator coils and heats the air. Oil filled radiators take some time to heat up an area but as soon as the oil gets heated, the heating element can be turned off and the appliance will still radiate heat for an extended time.

Ceramic heaters heat a ceramic element within. Frequently ceramic heaters use fans to move the air around and heat the room faster. They are the most portable of electric heaters because they are lighter.

Quartz infrared heaters are a type of radiant heater. Quartz infrared space heaters produce heat just like way the sun's rays heats things. Infrared rays actually sink into the skin and physical objects to heat them up from the inside. The heaters don't actually heat the air but heat the objects in the path of the rays.

The ideal space heater one can find is the one that works for you. What works great for your neighbor might not work as well for you. One can find a heater for any price range. It doesn't need to be expensive to work for you.

Stacey has written several articles on energy efficient space heaters. A portable room heater can keep you warm on a chilly night. Get more information on the different types of units. Find out which are the best space heaters and which one will do the job for you.

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