DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-filled Radiator with ComforTemp Technology

DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-filled Radiator with ComforTemp Technology
From DeLonghi

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Product Description

DeLonghi's Oil-Filled Radiator uses economical ComforTemp technology to save lots of energy and cash by automatically maintaining the optimal temperature within the area, at the bit of a button! Patented thermal slots are specially designed to maximise heat flow nevertheless maintain a coffee surface temperature. Patented smart-snap wheels guarantee safety and stability. With their patented style, they snap place perfectly - no assembly needed. 3 heat settings allow you to change output levels, optimizing energy-efficient operation. additionally options seven oil-filled fin heating parts, permanently seal, safety options, noiseless operation, and wrap-around wire style.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #232 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 1500W
  • Color: Beige
  • Brand: DeLonghi
  • Model: EW7707CM
  • Dimensions: 25.20" h x 13.78" w x 9.06" l, 25.20 pounds


  • Portable, oil-filled radiator provides economical, efficient operation
  • ComforTemp technology maintains optimal temperature in the room
  • 3 heat settings; specially designed thermal slots; low surface temperature
  • Smart-snap wheels; noiseless operation; wrap-around cord design
  • Measures 13-4/5 by 9 by 25-1/5 inches

Customer Reviews

Wonderful when used properly (e.g. at night).5
After reading many of the reviews on Amazon, I purchased this delonghi heater. I can't be happier with its performance. I believe the more positive reviews are a result of using this heater as it was designed - to gradually maintain a slow heat in a small-mid sized enclosed room (say, 20x20 with 9' ceilings). If you want to quickly heat a large room with a blast of hot air, get something with a fan or turn up the thermostat.

We use this heater at night. It does such an effective job of keeping our room at a comfortable 70F (even at lower settings), that we have programmed our central heat thermostat to go down to 60F at night. Of course, the effectiveness of the heater is also dependent on how well your house is insulated.

There were some comments about the heater getting hot to the touch. Well, yes, of course it does - it's a heater! But even at it's highest setting, the metal is not sizzling. It is well insulated enough that you can touch it for a few seconds before it gets uncomfortable - plenty of time for the occasional times you may bump into it. At lower settings - this isn't even an issue.

Why an oil-filled heater? It produces a very gentle heat without drying the air like a conventional ceramic or electric heater.

Why the delonghi? Gentle heat without any sound. We purchased the Honeywell 7-Fin Oil-Filled Radiator Heater as well (they were out of stock of the delonghi), and while it heats fine, it creaks and cracks when you use it. I'm sure this is due to the metal expanding and contracting as it gets warmer and cooler. It's not a huge problem, but if you are a light sleeper, it may be an annoyance.

The only downside I can think of is the wheels. Doesn't roll well on carpet - which is fine, we don't' move it much anyway. But overall, love the delonghi. We've had it for 2 weeks now and I hope it lasts this way for several years.
No better heat than this!5
I purchased two of these radiator heaters last Fall and used them all through the heating season. They are wonderful. SO much better than any blower, convection, or ceramic heaters I've had - and I've had them all. Our 152 year old house has hot water (boiler) heat so we're used to a system that doesn't blow and dry out the air but with fuel oil prices as they have been for the past few years we just can't see heating this big old house with our furnace. We have a woodstove to heat the major portion of the house but our bedroom and utility room are cold due to being away from woodstove heat and are both drafty rooms to boot. These heaters worked so well to keep those two areas perfectly comfortable without the drying effect of blower or convection heat. For years we've struggled with noisy, drying space heaters that caused much stress due to fire hazards etc. Contrary to what one review said this "Safe Heat" heater is truly safe. There are no serious fire hazard warnings on this item because it does not get hot like a convection or coil heater. In fact, you can touch the radiator itself and it would not burn skin. I wouldn't sleep with ANY other space heater on in our bedroom (which made for cold nights before we had these heaters) but this heater is perfect for just that. It is truly not a fire hazard if you set it in a place that is recommended in the book that comes with it and follow the safety instructions which mainly say not to put objects on the heater itself. The reviewer that said it took up a lot of space may have been treating this heater like the other types of heaters but it's not necessary. This heater should be treated as a "heater" for sure but it's not going to radiate the kind of heat that would set things on fire unless they were laid on top of the heater where the heat radiates up and I'm not even convinced that would set anything on fire. The footprint it takes up on the floor is very small.
It is a completely different heater from the other types of space heaters.
One reviewer said it's not "fast enough" to warm the room. This IS NOT a heater you would turn on and off whenever you walk into/out of the area you want to heat. It works with a thermostat and if left "on" at the comfort level you desire you practically never have to touch the heater again, unless the weather gets extremely cold in which case you would turn the thermostat to a higher level. We found that these heaters are very cost efficient to leave on with thermostat set to our desired warmth. It's the same principle as you use with whole house heating - you don't turn your furnace off every time you leave home, you just turn the thermostat down.
I turn them down during the day and then up at night but leave them on so that we're not "starting from scratch" to heat up the areas.
Unlike other heaters that can't be left on safely without being monitored, this heater can (and to work efficiently SHOULD) be left on because it is NOT A FIRE HAZARD and works with a thermostat. The only real fire hazard issue is that it can not be plugged into an extension cord safely and the plug itself can get hot if not in a proper outlet. In fact, if there is a fire hazard with this heater it's the cord that is the issue not the radiator itself. The cord is long enough though that it is not a problem for us to put it where we want it and plug in properly.

I just turned one of these heaters on today and I'm as happy to have it as I was all last Winter. I can't say enough good things about these heaters. They have met and exceeded all of my expectations. Even the price I paid for them was remarkably good. I paid less for one of these heaters than I did my "ceramic dish heater" that for numerous reasons I was almost never able to use. I even love that it's on wheels. Easily moveable on my utility room tile floor.
There is just nothing bad to say about this heater. Exceptional is the word for it!
Heater review4
Heater was bought for child's room. It seems safe and works well. The comfort temp feature was slightly misleading due to the fact that we thought we could change the thermostat on that function. Instead you can use the number thermostat that goes from 0 to 5. I guess we thought we could set the temperature to a degree like 68. Other than that we like it and we feel that it is safe for our child's bedroom. We will see how it is on the electric bill this Winter.
DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-filled Radiator with ComforTemp Technology


bugsic said...

This is my second Delonghi oil bath heating. I am very pleased with the radiant heat. And "quiet (no fan) and efficiently (the oil keeps the heat is turned off after heating). It is also safe because of the cooler too hot outside, but it would be less likely that something on fire like other heaters set forces . I gave away after the last many years of service, without thinking that I needed. This is a good product.

coconutmilk said...

it is a good and low-cost heater, very efficient. The auto heating is nice for power saving. First run, there is some smell, which is indicated in the manual. Then it turns fine.
Help ot

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