Lasko 5429 Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Lasko 5429 Oscillating Ceramic Heater
From Lasko

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Embrace ultimate comfort in complete quiet. This oscillating fan has three settings that distribute air evenly throughout your room at a nearly silent volume, so you can relax without being reminded of the heater at work. 3-month warranty. Model 5429.

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  • Brand: Lasko
  • Model: 5429
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.25" h x 8.75" w x 7.50" l, 6.00 pounds


  • Dimensions: 8.9"W x 14.4"H x 10.3"D
  • Operates at 1500 and 900 watts

Customer Reviews

Works, but could be better4
I did a lot of research online and got a Honeywell ceramic heater from Target. I wasn't happy with it and took it back.

Then I got this one, the Lasko oscillating ceramic heater. I guess I will keep it, but not because it's super great; I just don't expect that I could find anything better.

I like that it has two settings (low = 875 W, high = 1500 W), because my apartment wiring is not great and it worries me when it switches on and all the lights dim. Since I'm just using it to supplement a flaky hot water radiator, I don't usually need to run it on high. I've been running it for about 3 weeks, on low, using about 130 W on average. I just set it on low and use the thermostat to try to keep the temperature in the room stable.

The thermostat, though, is rather schizophrenic. I guess this is a problem with all of these little electric heaters, though, since the Honeywell I returned was even worse. I want this heater to just sit in the corner and turn on when needed to keep the temperature in the room constant, since my main heater varies too much in temperature, but I find myself adjusting the thermostat back and forth pretty regularly because it doesn't behave consistently from one day to the next. The settings are different for high and low mode, too, presumably since it heats up its own thermostat and shuts off prematurely.

In low mode (1), I have it almost to the lowest setting to get the room to stay at 65-70 F. I often find it turning on when the room is already warm, and not turning on when the room is cold. In high mode (2), I have to turn it up towards the top to maintain the same temperature. I am sure they could have compensated for any self-heating effects and made the thermostat more accurate no matter what the circumstances, but they didn't bother.

It doesn't have any kind of tip-over safety switch, but the other ceramic heater didn't either. Maybe it's not as critical with these because the outside surface doesn't get too hot. I can actually touch most of the surface of the front grill while it's on high and not get burned. It has an overheat protection switch, which would probably trigger if it fell onto something that blocked the flow of air, but I've never seen it activate.

I don't find it terribly loud, but I have a jet engine of a humidifier in the same room (Holmes garbage), so maybe I'm biased.

It also has a (20 W) fan-only mode, which could theoretically make the unit useful in warmer weather, too. The fan is apparently hard-wired to the thermostat in every mode, though. You might think that a thermostat-controlled fan is a good thing, and I would too, except that the fan is stupidly connected with the same functionality as in the heater modes, so the fan turns ON when the room is cold, and turns OFF when the room is hot. Duh.

Oh, it also oscillates. I care so little about this feature I almost forgot it had it. It seems to circulate air just fine whether this is on or off. I'd be happier if they left out the oscillation and spent the money on better temperature regulation. It might be even better if the thermostat could switch it from low to high when needed.
One of the best little heaters around5
Over the years, I've had all kinds of small heaters, both forced air and ceramic. This one takes the cake.

Like most other heaters of this price range, the thermostat doesn't work consistently all of the time, but it works as well or better than any other heater I've used.

What makes this heater great is that it really cranks out the heat! The low setting is great for a small room like a bathroom, and the high setting can bring up the temperature of my large living room in a very short time. I'm really impressed with its heating abilities.

It isn't silent, but it's as quiet as anything else out there. If I turn it on while watching TV, I might have to turn up the volume one or two clicks, but that's it. I doubt it would be prohibitive to sleeping, if you want it in your bedroom.

The oscillation isn't something I've used a whole lot, but eyeballing it, I'd say it rotates somewhere between 45 and 60 degrees.
Fan is Noisy!3 
I had this Lasko heater for 2 + years and it works like a charm ...reliable, durable, a little "out of focus soldier churn are. The controls easy to use and it is a fan only setting for hot days. I keep it close to me, so that the heat (do not try the whole room heat) well .
I do not know about yet (and my 3-stars) is the fan noise is waaay --- strong, too strong to be in my office when I'm on the phone, and too strong in the room when the TV is turned on is. If the white noise, sleep if you want, this is the fan for you. But I'm looking for a peaceful new stove to replace this equipment.

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