Vornado EH1-0039-06 225-Watt SoleAire Foot Rest and Personal Space Heater

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Vornado EH1-0039-06 225-Watt SoleAire Foot Rest and Personal Space Heater

From Vornado

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Product Description

Heated Footrest / Ergonomic Design / Delivers passive foot massage

Customer Reviews

Time for toasty toes4
Sitting on my cold feet was doing nothing for my circulation or my posture. My husband gave me this heated footrest for a birthday present and it's one of the best gifts I've gotten (well, except for the kitten that one year) to keep my feet warm.

The angled footrest insures good posture at your desk, which also helps with back and body fatigue. The nubby, bumpy surface helps with a passive massage and I think may even help with circulation.

The heater doesn't get precisely hot even on the warmest temps, but used while wearing socks, it does keep my feet warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.

One feature I really like is the 4 hour safety shut-off. No worries about whether I turned the heater off or not and that makes me feel better about using it.

One thing about Vornado products overall is that they last. We have fans still in use that we purchased 10 years ago. A space heater from last year is still giving good service when another more powerful model from another manufacturer has not held up. Vornado does not make throw-away products. Bless them for that in this economy!

Rebecca Kyle, January 2009
Not perfect but does provide some warmth and comfort for your feet3
Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R6UJEZ6HIRLNR The Vornado SoleAire has a gentle, fan-driven heat that blows warmed air through the foot rest from a series of small holes. This warm air will keep your feet warm. Operation of the device is controlled by two rocker switches, one controls on/off, the other controls the level of heat. The heat can be set to Low, High or Fan Only. The unit conveniently shuts off after 4 hours of operation as a safety precaution. After turning the unit off and waiting for at least 30 seconds before turning the unit back on will reset the auto shut-off for another 4-hour period.

The unit, if placed under a typical metal office desk, will keep your feet warm and also provide a modest amount of heat for your legs but with its miserly power consumption of only 225 watts, don't expect it to warm an entire room... it is not designed for that.

The knobby footrest does feel good when you move your feet over its bumps. The rubber base pads keep the unit from sliding and the rocker switches can be operated by dexterous toes. The biggest complaint I have is with the smell that comes out of the unit when operating. The company claims that this will dissipate as time goes on. The fan is also a bit noisy. Although the noise generated by the fan is not that loud, it is something you will hear (and probably get used to in short order).

I had a problem with my initial unit that required a warranty replacement. Vornado customer support was extremely courteous and handled the problem perfectly with no hassle whatsoever.

-It keeps your feet warm and can also just blow room temperature air during hot days to keep your feet cooler.
-It has a convenient auto shut-off after 4 hours
-Bumps on foot rest feel good to your feet
-Excellent customer service

-Fan is a bit noisy
-Odor from operation
It's grown on me4
If I had rated this when it first arrived, it would have been a three star item. After having warm feet for a while, four stars seems reasonable as there really is only one negative to the Vornado SoleAire. That negative - the fan in the heater is much louder than it needs to be. My computer sits on top of the desk (away from dust bunnies) and is MUCH quieter than the SoleAire sitting under the desk despite the computer having 6 fans and multiple hard drives running all the time. If Vornado had chosen a slightly larger, slower running blower fan, the SoleAire could have been very nearly silent. At least the noise from their smaller, faster fan is white noise instead of mechanical racket.

I've not used the SoleAire on the fan only mode since it's still chilly but if you are not warm enough sitting at your desk, you should give this product a try (especially if you can get it for half price - that's where it really shines).

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