Vornado Full Size 783 Air Circulator, 3 Speeds, CR1-0076-06

Vornado Full Size 783 Air Circulator, 3 Speeds, CR1-0076-06
From Vornado

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Product Description

The Vornado 783B Air Circulator combines an adjustable position and signature Vornado Vortex Circulation to powerfully provide quality air circulation and comfort. Besides being one of the most powerful Vornado circulators, the 783B from a height of 27 inches to 42 inches set. direct air link where you need it with the head fully adjustable. The 3-speed control is on the back of the head of distribution. Rejuvenate the air and the comfort of any room in your home or office with the 783B Air Circulator. Maybe ... feel the difference..


  • Quiet air circulator ideal for large rooms
  • Energy-efficient Vortex Action moves air up to 100 feet, cooling an entire room
  • 0.7 amps; 84 watts; 3 speeds
  • Easily adjust height from 27 to 42 inches
  • 16 x 17 x 27 inches; 11.5-inch grill; 15 pounds; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews

Typical Vornado performance in a taller high output model5
I have an assortment of Vornado fans throughout my home. Why? Because they are the quietest high performance fans available and the quality can't be beat. Their special fan blade design is far and away more efficient and quieter than any competitor. This 7 series (largest size) has the extra two foot section option in the box to lift the fan up to about 48" off the floor. Vornado calls these air circulators and not fans. That is because of the tornado effect of spinning the air in a column to an opposite wall where upon the air stream rebounds off the wall and circulates around the room back to start over again. It really does work well. Instead of having the wind blowing in your face and ears, all the air in the room is actively circulating providing a cooling and freshening feeling. The new model has a three speed switch on the rear of the motor as opposed to the past variable speed control mounted on the base. This three speed switch is quicker to use and you really only need 3 speeds. All Vornados carry a lifetime warantee which is as good as it gets.
Not built like older 783's, but still a workhorse4 
[Ordered from Amazon under in-law's account] 4 stars, not 5, even if the 783B does give 5-star results in the end. Out of the box a newbie to the Vornado product line will see a brochure with many details about use and cleaning (thank you, Vornado for designing a fan that that makes this chore ridiculously easy) -- but not a word on assembly or adjusting height. True, assembly just means joining three pipe sections with two screws. But some people might find this confusing. If you keep looking around, though, you'll find instructions and pics on the box lids -- easy to overlook the first time around. There's no height "adjustment": leaving out the center section makes the stand shorter, so there's really just a 2-position choice. The maximum is 42" only when the fan itself is tilted upward. Aimed straight ahead, it reaches 37.5" at best. People accustomed to cheap fans over 5 feet high might have to adjust to this. 4 stars, also, for an oddly mounted power switch that required a bit of sculpting with an Xacto knife to make the pointer move in and out of the OFF position (poor smoothing of the edges on the molded plastic knob). Another thing some buyers won't be used to is the way Vortex fans work. Most fans have cheaper blade and front screen construction that simply scatters air all over. This sounds OK, but in use it's very inefficient, and a cheap way to make cheap fans with cheap motors. Typically a Vornado uses a more refined blade construction for better balance (costs more) and a front screen that gathers and focuses air straight ahead instead of everywhere. It moves only slightly more air than other fans, but the stream is much stronger. Aim the airstream at a ceiling or opposite wall, and the multi-directional ricochet is really effective; no matter where you stand, you'll feel cooler. Another advantage is that cool or warm air is effectively spread to other locations -- I'm using one a.c. and a Vornado to cool several rooms, leaving two other a.c.'s inactive most of the time. My older Vornado was equally adept at spreading heat, as well. I no longer need our old portable heater. Also, I fault it by one star because Vornado is no longer American-made, yet prices are the same (shame on them!). The results and the 5-year warranty are worth the price, especially since I'm saving energy and a ton of $$$ in a.c. and heating costs, and especially because the Vornado really does its job. As for noise: on low you can barely hear it. On high it's about average -- just remember that if you expect a machine to move lots of air, whether in a room or house or inside a computer or multimedia center, Mother Nature requires some sort of mechanical activity that makes noise. Even on high, it's a lower noise level than with typical air conditioners or cheapo fans. I've heard far worse, from products that didn't work nearly as well.
This Is the One to Get5
You can save 30-50 dollars for a standing fan but you'll lose the power, precision, low noise output, and high quality of the Vornado. I've tried shop fans (way too loud), tower fans (not enough power) and other inferior products, but considering how much I need to use fans, it's not worth penny-pinching. I currently own 4 Vornados and I wish my college would have bought me a Vornado for my office instead of the cheap tower fan, which is way underpowered.

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